Israeli prime lectures

Lucy Aharish

Arab Israeli Journalist and News anchor

ג׳ונתן אלחורי מרצה גאה

Jonathan Elkhoury

Lebanese, public diplomacy adviser in Israell

Prof. David Passig

Israeli famous futurist

איתי אנגל הרצאות עיתונאות

Itai Anghel

Journalist, field correspondent in the Middle East

Lital Shemesh

Journalist and former combat soldier

Guy Chen

Former Mosad operative

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הרצאות מעניינות לכנסי עובדים

Yair Caspi

commando soldier

Live report
from the front with an Israeli commando soldier

Yair served as a squad commander and sniper in the IDF's "Agoz" special forces unit, and currently serves in the reserve commando brigade.

Yair fought in the Gaza Strip in 2014, and then participated in special forces operations in Lebanon against Hezbollah. Yair is currently serving with his team as part of the war, they started the war in Kibbutz Bari by evacuating civilians and fighting Hamas terrorists, and now they are fighting on the northern border.